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Virtual Training Available from November 2020 to May 2021

  Next Course Start Dates Virtual NLP Practitioner: Monday Nights  7-10pmCN 11 January  2021 to 10 May 2021 ICF Coaching Mastery: Thursday Nights 7-10pmCN 14  January  2021 to 29 April 2021 Extras For Our Students: Progressive NLP Practice and Skill Development Sessions: Monday nights 7pm-10pmCN now until  11 January 2021. This will be replaced by […]

Virtual Training November 2020

  Next Course Start Dates We are looking at confirming our next Virtual NLP Practitioner  for Monday evenings Asia time starting on 11 January 2021 and the ICF Coaching Mastery on the follow Wednesday or Thursday nights. As soon as we confirm our first 3 students we will lock in the dates. Thank you. Extra’s For […]

October 2019 Workshops

All the Motivate Community Workshops scheduled for October 2019. Build Your Own China Hhosted Webpage in 1 hour with Tommaso Sora Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 19:00 to 21:00 Venue: @Wework, 819 West Nanjing Road, 3F Metro Stations: West Nanjing Road (line 2, 12 and 13, exit 2) Synopsis: A website can be beautifully designed, […]

Embrace the Change by Evija

Change has become the new constant. However, many people react to change with resistance and overestimate the weight of change. The ability to manage yourself and people around you to overcome the inertia and welcome the new initiative is critical. In this workshop you will learn how new ideas and resulting changes spread practical tools […]


Theyear is ending in just around the corner. It is already the month for us toanticipate the upcoming year and welcome it with arms wide open. The time forus to reflect and reminisce the good and bad things that had happened and usethem as a weapon for another year approaching. In the spirit of apprehendingthe […]


Imagine yourself about to break a 2 cmkarate board with bare hands, and the toughest part is, instead of 6 monthstraining as you would normally receive in a taekwondo school, then need tolearn in just 20 minutes.You were instructed to put the non dominant footforwards, dominant foot back, lift both arms, lean your dominant hand […]

October workshops

October workshops | Grounded like a tree I think that Shanghai is the loveliest and most fun city in the world. At the same time, life can be overwhelming here: the large crowds, heavy traffic, excessive noise, strong odors, lights in the night, extreme weather, being so far away from home and the demands of daily life […]

September Workshops

For September we have a full day training starting off first on 8 September than 3 weekly workshops. For registration for any workshop, ensure you do so via the Yoopay link. Early registration may see you with a nice discount or free meal depending on the event. We do sell out sometimes so if it […]

Why Attend Self-Development Workshops?

Why Attend Self-Development Workshops? Adapted from an article by Ewen Chia Did you ever stop and think about why people get so enthusiastic about attending self-development workshops and seminars? In this article, I will reveal to you the benefits that these people get out of attending them. BROADEN YOUR SCOPE Firstly, self-development workshops can broaden […]