Imagine yourself about to break a 2 cmkarate board with bare hands, and the toughest part is, instead of 6 monthstraining as you would normally receive in a taekwondo school, then need tolearn in just 20 minutes.You were instructed to put the non dominant footforwards, dominant foot back, lift both arms, lean your dominant hand backwardsto allow you to strike with your lower palm, power is mostly generated by yourlegs and the turning of your body in a similar way to hitting a golf ball. Youmust also hit the wood in the very centre at its weakest point. Then as youwere about to do it, you were thinking ”I hope this breaks”. Will that beenough to break that board? Then in order for it to successfully break that board,you must follow the steps, the process or the system. Then have that attitude.Think that you can and you will. Have the mindset that you insist to do it.Lastly, envision it happening. Anticipate to that “blam!” and to that“crack!”See in the mind’s eye and it will happen. System, mindset and visionaltogether can help you maneuver your way to success. With those three thingshand in hand, you will become bolder and better and more successful.

About The Facilitator

Andy Clark is Training & Development Director at ClarkMorgan Corporate Training. He has authored the book “The World Is Yours” designed to build the critical skills staff need to be successful in international business. As a lecturer at Jiaotong (Shanghai), Tsinghua and for the University of Western Sydney and working as an IELTS examiner he has built a solid understanding of the training challenges. He has worked both for TAFE Australia and the British Council to run teacher training programs for university lecturers and middle school teachers. A qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) ‘Master Trainer’, Andy has been training Fortune 500 companies in China for the past 18 years. In 2008 Clark was awarded ‘Most Outstanding New Trainer’ by the Hong Kong Management Association. Having lived and built offices in six of China’s largest cities he has gained extensive experience of what it takes to be successful.


Tuesday, Dec 11th, 7pm-9pm


Early bird: 150 RMB / workshop (includes dinner and drinks if booked by
11am the Sunday before)
After Sunday 11am: 150RMB, drinks only
Advance reservation is compulsory through Yoopay
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