Theyear is ending in just around the corner. It is already the month for us toanticipate the upcoming year and welcome it with arms wide open. The time forus to reflect and reminisce the good and bad things that had happened and usethem as a weapon for another year approaching. In the spirit of apprehendingthe new year, here are some useful tips to assist you to create another magicalyear; Visualize, the new year that is about to begin and you must have agameplan on how you should seize it. Breathe and focus then take a step back tosee the bigger picture and plan on your steps. Ask yourself, be curious on howwould you face everything. How will you end this year? How would you begin thenext? What are the things that’ll bring glimmer to the days to come? How wouldyou face the darkest moments? What matters and what doesn’t? Set objectives,prioritize what you want. Choose the things that matter and think about whichor who will help you have a better year. Be bold and think about what you wantto do, experience, and have in each area of your life. Motivate yourself andjoin workshops. MOTIVATE Shanghai will uplift you and make you become the bestversion of yourself this 2019!

with Ivana Pazek, Transformational coach
Tuesday, Dec 4th, 7pm-9pm

What is truly important for me at my job? When would I be able to say that I feel truly satisfied with what I do? Am I using my innate gifts and talents at my current job? If I did, what would be the right career and right position for me? What would I need to overcome to get there?

These are some of the questions which will be addressed during our Improve Your Job Satisfaction by Maximizing Your Potential workshop!

As creator of Find Your Joy Factor and Live Your Ideal Life courses, and author of the Beyond the Fairytale book series, Ivana helps creative, independent professionals identify their True Calling and discover their unique power and potential in life, relationships, and business. She has also published articles and videos on these topics and is a popular speaker at conferences. When she’s not coaching, working on projects, or finding new ways to live her true calling, you’ll find Ivana spending time with her husband, and doing what she loves: writing, reading, traveling, and working on projects that inspire her. Shanghai became her home in July 2018.

with Andy Clark, Trainer & NLP Therapist
Tuesday, Dec 11th, 7pm-9pm

Sometimes it seems to take great effort on our part to create a shift. Other times it is almost as simple as flipping a switch. In this talk, Andy will share some of his 18 years of training experience as to what works in bringing about behaviour change. Everyone will also learn the key steps of how to break a piece of wood with their bare hands… Waa Paa!!!

Andy Clark is Training & Development Director at ClarkMorgan Corporate Training. He has authored the book “The World Is Yours” designed to build the critical skills staff need to be successful in international business. As a lecturer at Jiaotong (Shanghai), Tsinghua and for the University of Western Sydney and working as an IELTS examiner he has built a solid understanding of the training challenges. He has worked both for TAFE Australia and the British Council to run teacher training programs for university lecturers and middle school teachers. A qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) ‘Master Trainer’, Andy has been training Fortune 500 companies in China for the past 18 years. In 2008 Clark was awarded ‘Most Outstanding New Trainer’ by the Hong Kong Management Association. Having lived and built offices in six of China’s largest cities he has gained extensive experience of what it takes to be successful.

with Melissa Ngui, Social Entrepreneur & Wellness Consultant
Tuesday, Dec 18th, 7pm-9pm

This session asks the question “As an advanced society, are we valuing the right things as success symbols?”, with the aim of illustrating why wellness is critical to success. We explore the idea of reducing toxins both in the products we use and in our states of minds.

Firstly, participants are expected to complete a mini checklist of how conscious they are of the many things that deplete their energy in their daily lives. Examples and stats are given to illustrate how many advancements in today’s society are subconsciously negatively affecting our state of mind. Then, a parallel is drawn between developed and underdeveloped communities to compare and contrast the differences between incomes but similarities in negative health outcomes. Next, we look at how the head, heart, and gut work together to support healthy emotional and mental states and how this is being negative affected by today’s fast paced modern society. The emphasis is on “modern” and “advanced” and how these developments are ironically working to suppress healthy states. Finally, practical tools are provided to help reset and bring the body back to balance to promote sustainable wellness and support ongoing success. The workshop concludes by giving a practical approach to maintaining wellness in our daily lives.

Melissa Ngui is a brand strategist and social entrepreneur with 14 years brand management and product development experience having managed international brands such as L’Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier. Her passion for using business to solve social issues has allowed her to work on projects in USA, LATAM, India, Kenya and China. In 2015, she left corporate life to pursue projects that empower marginalized groups through financial and mobile connectivity. She then founded a boutique consulting company providing brand strategy to social enterprises and coaching professional women to set up and run purposeful businesses. Most recently, she has partnered with Doterra as a wellness advocate because she has an avid interest in natural medicine and holistic health after visiting many poverty stricken communities that suffer from disease. Melissa holds an MBA (with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship) from Hult International School of Business and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Aromatherapy and Natural Medicine. She hopes to use her professional experience to empower women to use business to improve their circumstances, and to find natural solutions to support their health. She enjoys learning about different business models, spearheading on-the-ground pilot projects, travelling to remote places, and DIY projects.


Early bird: 150 RMB / workshop (includes dinner and drinks if booked by
11am the Sunday before)
After Sunday 11am: 150RMB, drinks only
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