Introduction to Professional Coaching

Introduction to Professional Coaching:

Quick opportunity to upskill, earn a new certificate, experience and learn the basics of Professional Coaching.



Coaching is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. That means you can make a difference and earn a living coaching others (even if you don’t have experience or doubt yourself). The benefits of coaching include:

  •         Lifestyle freedom – Setting your own hours and living life on your terms. You can even coach effectively on the phone. 
  •         Uncapped possibilities – A big reason why many people are seeing it as the smart alternative to their 9-5 job.
  •         Pandemic proof business – Can be done face to face, or virtually. You can work from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world.
  •         Get paid for your Personal Development – You are effectively earning as you learn.
  •         Unlimited applications – you can walk into a business and start coaching the owners, and their staff, or work in the virtual world.

The problem is once you start researching coaching courses, there is so much conflicting information out there. Most companies make it sound more complex than it actually is and people begin doubting their abilities and start believing they must become super successful first in order to make a living helping others.

The truth is, becoming a successful coach is a PROCESS. And it’s not difficult when you are taught correctly. Coaching is a set of skills, and skills can be learned. These skills are guided by your deeper unconscious. Once your deeper unconscious is aligned and trained, the skills come out with ease.

The second big truth, you will need to be good, but you may not need certifications. There are countless associations, boards and organisations appearing to be authorities in the field and some of the biggest become the biggest by lowering standards. Doesn’t sound right hey. Boards lowering standards, but it’s true, it’s one way to make sure you can get more people and grow.

Your clients care more about how confident and professional you are as a coach and the results you help empower them to achieve. Our training will help you get started faster. 

In our “Introduction to Professional Coaching” sessions, we are teaching you the basics of ICF style coaching and corporate coaching, so you can learn and start to coach like a pro without spending thousands and thousands of dollars.   


Introduction to Professional Coaching:

  What and Why Coaching.

  Difference between Coaching, Mentoring, Teaching, and Consulting.

  Functions of a coach. When to Coach.

  What can and what shouldn’t we coach. 

  Essential Coaching Beliefs, learn this and the rest is easy.

  Coaching demonstrations.

  Coaching practice and refinements.

Conversational NLP Anchoring.

  Transformational Coaching formula.

  Open Q & A sessions. 

To earn your certificate, after completing the recording there are two assessments which need to be completed:

  1. Submit a 500-word summary on one of our recommended Coaching Books from a senior experienced Coach. We will share numerous recommendations, you pick the book that seems most relevant to you and do a summary on the key points from that book.
  2. Submit a recorded Coaching session with a transcript. To do this, you will need to simply record yourself doing a coaching session, then run the transcript through a program like Otter, listen and provide a rough edit the transcript in Word.doc. Submit the recording and transcript by the 26th of October 2022.



Tuesday 26th July, 2nd  August and the 9th of August 2022

7-9.00pm China/Sing/HK time. 

9-11pm AEST (Brisbane/Sydney)

At the finish time, you may find yourself deep in coaching or being coached, if this happens, feel free to take extra time. Some people may choose to stay longer and get coached further.

Optional Catchup Session 12-2pm 20th August (In case you miss any of the previous sessions or to keep deepening your skills). 

Submission of assessments required by 26th October 2022.



¥2000  or  $300USD

Register your interest here:

Pay here:

The certificate is not registered with the ICF so we are able to pass the saving directly on to you.

Your Coach and Lead Trainer is an ICF PCC with over 2500 Coaching hours and a Certified NLP Trainer.

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