Lilian Shen

“Thank you to MOTIVATE Community for a lovely platform for sharing!”

Lilian ShenMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Facilitator
Abdelhak Benkerroum

“Thank you for all that you are doing to enlighten our lives.”

Abdelhak BenkerroumMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Participant
Alexandra Niel

“I loved meeting new, growth-oriented folks!”

Alexandra NielMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Participant
Meiyi Cheng

“Thank you for spreading love and knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking forward to the next one.”

Meiyi ChengMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Participant
Andrea ReydeVinas Amechazurra

“It was nice, a chance to look inside and have a moment to think. But specially talk with you guys about it, it gave me some courage to say 2017 you’re gonna be great!”

Andrea ReydeVinas AmechazurraMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Participant
NameHenar Cabrera

“What I loved the most about yesterday, was to be guided to overcome my love challenge. To be motivated to take action, to make it real instead of trying.”

NameHenar CabreraMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Participant
Yizhi Guo

“Gotta give special thanks to Adrian, Henar and Katy for such an awesome year. Great stuff you guys!”

Yizhi GuoMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Participant
Marie Xiao

“Thanks for the solid sharing. I benefit from it a lot! And nice to meet everyone, keep in touch.”

Marie XiaoMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Participant
Mason He

“I like it very much. A great learning experience with [everyone]. Nice to meet some old friends again and know some new friends. I look forward to next sessions.”

Mason HeMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Participant

“Thank you so much for the workshop tonight! MOTIVATE Shanghai team, it was really awesome, thank you for organising and ensuring everyone was so incredibly catered for. I appreciate you all!”

FadziMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Facilitator
Raf Adams

“Thanks for having me speak for MOTIVATE Community, an awesome group!”

Raf AdamsMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Facilitator
Vincent Ho

“Thank you very much for organising last evening seminar, my friend! Greatly appreciate it.”

Vincent HoMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Facilitator
NameKaty Allen

“Loved what I saw on the online broadcast last night! So awesome that events like these happen every week, so blessed!”

NameKaty AllenMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Participant
Aaron Wallace

“Pretty sweet man, it’s awesome that it lasted this long. Good work guys.”

Aaron WallaceMOTIVATE Shanghai Workshop Facilitator
John Rhey San Pedro

“Thank you Adrian for this wonderful opportunity, being a member of Motivate Community group, and to be surrounded by like-minded people. I have been given a chance to grow a lot since I stepped into this Community.”

John Rhey San PedroOnline NLP Training Participant
Katy Allen

Warm and supportive, I have always got what I needed from the MOTIVATE Community.

Katy AllenFreelance Interpreter at DA Languages Ltd
Michelle Pein

I always wanted to get into NLP and learn more about it and get certified also in this direction of coaching. And I met Adrian in Shanghai and it didn’t take long, he convinced me to go on this amazing coaching training in Bali, because he had everything I wanted to. For me as a coach, It is the step to take forward to scale my business from earning good to earning even better. I can’t recommend it enough to join the next training in Bali.

Michelle PeinHolistic Life Coach, Participant in NLP Training in Bali
Ying Xing

I was taking this NLP training with Adrian for the last of six months. I was taking new client while I was on training, and his team has been giving me huge support for real client issues.
So I’ve been really practicing everything I learned on my client. I enjoyed helping people. Each client is very dear to me, when I apply NLP skills on them and we finished our session with joy and peace, that really really fulfills me.

Ying XingHolistic Life Coach
Yi Zhang

I wanted to increase my sales skills, and then someone suggests me about Adrian, and then I joined Adrian’s program. At that time, global pandemic happens and of course it hits Osaka, then suddenly I was put to a one month off without pay. Right at that time, Adrian is doing free session before the official NLP session, this gave me another opportunity to look at what my skills has. And I studied to become a coach. And I had a paid coachee right after I found Adrian. We have some phone calls and Adrian helped me to improve my sales call.

Adrian is a very caring person. And I don’t know how to describe, but Adrian is just different to other people. He is so attractive as a person, and the way he is talking is be like; I want to be like him.

Yi ZhangHigh Performance Coach, Sales Professional, Participant of July 2020 NLP Online Training
Emily Johns

I was to join them for face to face training on July 2020, but due to travel bans and Global Pandemic, Adrian switched the coaching training to online. And this worked perfectly to me. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be able to coach, to be able to train with like-minded people. I really really enjoyed the training that Adrian gave on NLP. I really like Adrian’s approach to training and coaching. He is friendly, and he’s not gonna feel you like you are the one with an issue, you are the one with the problem, but you are the one with the answers and he believes that you can do it. Try out, try coaching with Adrian, I promise you it will change your

Emily JohnsEducator, Life Coach
Janine Jakob

I would like to deeply say thank you to Chris and Adrian for this amazing NLP training. We’re only halfway through but it already changed my life. If I tell Adrian or Chris, the lead coaches “Hey can I have a session with you?”, they don’t even ask, they’ve even offer me sometimes a session like on the same day because they literally dare to support you. So much value already even if I’m only halfway through. I just want to say thank you so much to Adrian and Chris for this amazing training. I can’t wait to continue the next to most.

Janine JakobFounder of Full Potential Partners and Monday Morning Motivation
Johnny Browaeys

Before I decided to join this training I met Adrian, first online and then at Motivate Shanghai. He gave us some introduction of coaching and making business out of coaching. So here I am, just finished the nine days training here in Bali. And the most fascinating thing is I got to know Adrian as a person with the heart, and actually doing this with a purpose.

Johnny BrowaeysParticipant in NLP training in Bali
Priyal Thakur

I just want to say a big big thank for both of you Adrian and Chris for bringing this course online. I have learned so much, I have gained much more deeper self awareness, I have learned communication skills, I’ve been able to go off my past limiting belief that I had and just getting started on this coaching. Being a part of this course is being so much valuable to me. The community that Adrian and Chris has built is truly wonderful and it’s supportive in a collaborative environment. Adrian and chris are both wonderful trainer. If you want to change your life do it now and reach for Adrian and Chris. I am looking forward in doing more courses with them and the environment they built for us. I am super excited.

Priyal ThakurEmotional Intelligence Coach, Participant of July 2020 NLP Online Training

Hi my name is Hannes, couple of months back I met Adrian in Shanghai at the Motivate Shanghai breakfast. And then he introduced this NLP Bali training and I didn’t know what NLP was about but I was just curious. So I wanted to learn it, we just signed up without thinking about it because, it’s an experience, and you just want to do something because it feels right, and it feels right. So here we are in Bali. After eight days of intensive immersive training, and it was super cool exhausting. We even did two dives, in NLP training. What can I say.

HannesBMW Group
Diana Felix

I met Adrian about 2018 I think. It was really nice because I had no Idea what coaching was, and I just reached out for Adrian. Honestly speaking, I could say my life was really really transformed. I know, just one coaching session I had with Adrian have really changed me into completely different person. Someone who was really shy to do anything, having this training with Adrian and just be able to experience, what coaching is pushed me a lot. I went to travel outside China, like something which I’ve never even done. For me my life has really transformed from the time I met Adrian and after I graduated the training. I encourage everyone to do NLP training because it is really a life changing.

Diana FelixLife Coach
Maria Raquel Seabra

I’ve been working with Adrian for a long time with Motivate Shanghai. Adrian knew that my goal was to go into coaching and NLP to add that to my experience. When this opportunity to do it online came up, I just couldn’t help like just sign up. I wasn’t really expecting it to be as good as it was. I feel like I took so much out of this course, so much knowledge, so much insight about this course on the business side. I have nothing but good things to say about this course, it was very organized. I will absolutely recommend this course.

And it’s been a pleasure to work with Adrian as a coach. I felt like that was the meaning lacking with my life, I work with Adrian a little bit on that. And now like comparing myself to when I met him is just like comparing two different people almost. So I am very very happy to recommend him as a coach as well.

Maria Raquel SeabraLife Coach, Healer, Participant of July 2020 NLP Online Training

We just finished our nine days training with Adrian Cahill at Bali location. NLP stuff, Coaching stuff it was great, great experience, amazing coaches, great atmosphere, cool activities, and experiences and stuff is all another level. That’s really cool, it works, you have to try it!

AydarParticipant in NLP Training in Bali, Automotive Industry, Engineer
Jacky Shen

Adrian, thank you for your thoughts. I went very deep into myself. Recently I talked to my wife because I didn’t know much more about myself before. So this year will be a little special, I put a lot of effort and time into myself, I would like to know much more about myself.

Jacky ShenParticipant of NLP Practitioner Online Training
Tapan Gadodia

I met Adrian and had the opportunity to be coached by him. He’s an amazing coach and makes such a big difference to me. And he trained me how to make a difference to others. So if you’re looking for the coach, you’re no further than looking for Adrian. Thank you.

Tapan GadodiaEntrepeneur based in Shanghai, China