Hi, I’m Daria Nalimova, the current Director of MOTIVATE Shanghai,

Welcome to our community dedicated to personal and professional growth!

Big thank you to our past Director’s Henar Cabrera and Mila Dorosh. Their amazing work has made our community truely empowering.

I welcome you, to join us.

Our team holds weekly events for Expats and Chinese located mainly in Shanghai with occasional visits to other cities.

We also hold additional Corporate level training events for our members every 2 months. Leadership, NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and NLP for Business are up first in 2019

The MOTIVATE Shanghai Community has been supporting personal and professional growth since 2012

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rolling forward

As a community leader and as part of the marketing team with MOTIVATE Community, Shanghai chapter, I am part of an incredibly passionate group of individuals dedicated to helping others achieve their full potential. Weekly workshops are hosted at various WeWork locations around Shanghai to achieve that aim. We also run professional development seminars and retreats across Asia. Responsibilities include:

  • Development of marketing & content strategy
  • Creation & editing of engaging marketing copy
  • Event management
  • Hosting
  • Assisting in the gathering of feedback from our customers, and implementing changes to provide more value

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WhatsApp & Text: +8618565641465

WeChat ID: bbaldieri

You may follow our official accounts on Wechat, Yoopay and Weibo

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We also have a large community of Expats and  Chinese on Wechat and around Shanghai. Most of this, only members can experience. So come join us. Each event has a low entry fee which covers a meal and also a donation to Shanghai Life Line (a non-profit dedicated to supporting those in need).

Upcoming Meetup Events

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