September Workshops

For September we have a full day training starting off first on 8 September than 3 weekly workshops.

For registration for any workshop, ensure you do so via the Yoopay link. Early registration may see you with a nice discount or free meal depending on the event. We do sell out sometimes so if it grabs you, register!


Compassionate Communication (FULL DAY WORKSHOP)

Speaker:  Tilman Rieger

Saturday, September 8, 2018 09:00 to 17:00
@ Wework, 819 West Nanjing Road, 3F. Shanghai Metro Stations: West Nanjing Road (line 2, 12 and 13, exit 2)

Compassionate Communication (or Non violent Communication (NVC)) is a four step approach helping people to better connect with each other, especially when experiencing conflict. It was developed by the US American Psychologist Marshall Rosenberg and has been spread across the world since the 1980’s. Marshall Rosenberg’s book Non-violent communication is also available in Chinese (非暴力沟通). People applying compassionate communication meet their needs much more effectively while avoiding or resolving conflicts e.g. with colleagues at work, in relationships in private, between parents and children and even across cultures and nations in conflict with each other. Compassionate Communication can also support you to better connect with your clients and/or employees, friends and partner. It helps to build up a non-judgmental attitude of mutual respect that we theoretically all know is important but often fail to realize in practice.

After 15 years of corporate career in the automotive industry Tilman quit his job as HR Director of General Motors Europe in order to focus on developing people. After 600 hours of class room training in Coaching, Mediation and Compassionate Communication/ Non Violent Communication (NVC) he moved to China to start his new career. Based in Shanghai since 2014 he is now consulting, coaching and training Western as well as Asian leaders of multinational corporations. NVC has since then been Tilman’s focus area in Coachings as well as in trainings as a powerful tool to enhance the communication and empathy skills of his clients.

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BKOME: Meet your Ideal Self

Speaker: Dr Miguel Cerna
Tuesday, September 11, 2018 19:00 to 21:00
@ Wework, 819 West Nanjing Road, 3F. Shanghai Metro Stations: West Nanjing Road (line 2, 12 and 13, exit 2)
Organizer: MOTIVATE Shanghai

Individually and as groups, human beings aim for more, we aim for more and better. We all would like to see a better version of us. We all want to achieve more in life. We all want to feel good with ourselves. But now and then, life presents us with obstacles we do not know how to beat. BKOME is a training program to help people find out their true potential and limitations so that they can move with less uncertainty toward their ideal self. The programme equips the participants with an understanding of what makes us human, the sociality of our humanity and the step-by-step practice to move towards their goals. You will also test how tough you really are.

Miguel‘s professional background includes five years in journalism, three years in diplomacy, twenty years in international trade and globalization, sustainability and organizational development.

He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration focused on Organizational Cross-Cultural Conflict Management; and a Masters Degree on the Social Psychology of Advertising. He has conducted studies in relationships psychology (psychotherapy and Developmental Behavioral Cognitive Therapy), Social Psychology, neuroscience and Teaching Methodology.

Author of 8 Egos at Work, A handbook for better leadership, and a happier, more productive life at work… and anywhere else.

Developer of: BKOME ( ,
Evolve (, the 5 Stages Creativity & Innovation Development System and METODO Model for organisational integration.

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Crush Your Fears

Speakers: Bethany Jeanfreau, Andrew Jeanfreau

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 19:00 to 21:00
@ Wework, 819 West Nanjing Road, 3F. Shanghai Metro Stations: West Nanjing Road (line 2, 12 and 13, exit 2)
Organizer: MOTIVATE Shanghai

We like to give fear control over our lives. Many of us do this so that we can feel justified about not achieving our goals. We create anxieties about our fears that paralyze us when we need to keep moving forward.

It takes a strong will to overcome our fears, but it can be done.

In this workshop your see how to overcome your fears. Controlling fear takes the ability to be focused and create strong enough reasons to keep pushing forward to your goals even when your fear gets in the way.

Leave this workshop able to:

    • Gain control over your fears so they don’t paralyze you
    • Stay focused on your goals despite your fears
    • Overcome your fear through taking action

Your fear is already fighting you. It wants to hit you hard and knock you down. So fight back, hit harder, and fight to win.

Bethany  Jeanfreau is CEO and co-founder of Paradigm Fitness Consulting. After graduating from Portland State University with degrees in French and Psychology Bethany moved to Shanghai in 2011 from the USA, and then began her career in corporate training and then management consulting. In 2013 she joined Campanile Management Consulting where she coached corporate leaders on leadership skills. In 2017 she co-founded Paradigm with her husband and business partner, Andrew. With Paradigm she is a toughness coach and works with clients to change their limiting beliefs so they can achieve goals that seem unreachable.

Andrew Jeanfreau is the President and co-founder of Paradigm Fitness Consulting. Born in the USA, Andrew served in the US Marine Corps Infantry. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in sociology at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, USA. Currently Andrew is a toughness coach and MMA fight instructor in Shanghai and helps others to evolve their mental and physical development through the virtues of Toughness, Discipline, and Endurance. He does this through private coaching, hosting workshops & seminars, and as a fight instructor.

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Relationships: From Conflict to Conscious

Speakers: Adrian Cahill PCC, Linxin Cahill

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 19:00 to 21:00
@ Wework, 819 West Nanjing Road, 3F. Shanghai Metro Stations: West Nanjing Road (line 2, 12 and 13, exit 2)
Organizer: MOTIVATE Shanghai


Relationships must be one of the most challenging topics in the world today.
Most people struggle to find a partner worthy of marriage. If they are fortunate to find the one, they are faced with statistics such as over half of marriages end in divorce.

So what is the chances of someone ending up happily married really?

What are the chances of them being happily married and raising kids?

What are the chances of them being happily married, raising kids, and being financially free?

Probably pretty slim but it is completely possible and it is definitely the easiest time in history than it has ever has been before. With advancements in technology and de-centralization of information systems, it is easier than ever but few are achieving it.

Would you like to be happily married, raising kids and financially free? Come to our workshop, Lin and I (Adrian Cahill) will share some of our secrets to doing just this. Particularly around relationships and working it out once in a relationship.


Adrian Cahill, Founder of MOTIVATE Shanghai and his wife, Linxin Zhou will present “From Conflict to Conscious”.
Adrian is a highly accredited and respected international coach (ICF PCC, M.NLP).
Lin is a student of John Gottman, Relationship Therapy and Couples Therapy.
Lin and Adrian are raising two children, a property portfolio and have founded and sponsored MOTIVATE Shanghai since 2013. What makes this workshop so great is that Adrian and Lin have genuinely experienced the struggles first hand. They have studied pretty much EVERYTHING they could on relationships, hired their own psychologist, couples counsellors and still found it a struggle. This drove them to dig far deeper than any ‘dating coach’, blogger or presenter in China. Now they are considering how many more children to have and have truly gone “From Conflict to Conscious”

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