Virtual Training

All times in China/Singapore/Hong Kong time. Keeps things simple, no daylight savings! And we have a global audience now.

Our Next Complimentary Sessions:

4 Complimentary sessions are planned for September and October 2021 – Ask or register to get precise dates/times/logins

Current and Upcoming Courses:

  • Virtual NLP MASTER Practitioner: Wednesday Nights  7-9.30pmCN
  • Progressive NLP Practice and Skill Development Sessions: Tuesday nights 7pm-9pmCN
  • Virtual NLP Practitioner: TBA
  • ICF Coaching Mastery: Every second Thursday Nights 7-9pmCN  Organised by CCL
  • Sunday ‘After Hours Discussions With Professional Coaches’ 5-6.30pmCN. (Lead mainly by graduates!)

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Training about to START AGAIN Wooohoooooo

NLP Practitioner in Bali

Bali, Royal Tulip Resort
Friday 9th – 15th 2024

6 days Face to Face +

12 Month continuation plan with online meetings, practice and more.

Master Practitioner NLP in Bali

Our Master Practitioner NLP Program runs just about non stop on Wednesday nights. This means you can get on and off when it suits you. When all your competencies are completed you will be rewarded with your certifications.

For those that come Face to Face Master Practitioners in Bali, we will focus on Modelling, New Code NLP and advanced applications. We will also have you focused on some of the key Trainer, Facilitator and Coaching Skills. We will put you in front of the Practitioner students from time to time either coaching/mentoring or even leading a workshop. But we don’t leave you there, we will train and teach you some of the skills generally reserved for NLP Trainers Training.

6 days Face to Face in Bali +

Includes 2 Years of live online Master Practitioner Training